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Sustainability is in many ways one of the most important topics of our time.

We want to give you the opportunity to make your stay at Villa Seahorse sustainable and thus contribute to the protection of our planet.

Very often we hear phrases like, “You’ll have to get used to the fact that when you are in the US, waste reduction is not important,” or “You just can’t think about it there.”

On the contrary, we do think about it, and we think about it A LOT. We want to set an example and give you as a guest the opportunity to act against the trend and avoid trash in your daily life.

Sustainability in the building

With every renovation and renewal we take care to increase the energy efficiency and sustainability factor.

Currently, Villa Seahorse offers a new saltwater pool, which is heated energy-efficiently by a heat pump.

Reduce plastic

Let's avoid plastic
Let’s avoid plastic

Plastic bottles for water, liquid soap, shampoo, washing powder and much more are omnipresent in the big supermarkets. Finding a sustainable alternative here is difficult, especially if you only spend a few weeks in this region. There is usually not enough time. Therefore, we have made provisions for this in the house.


In order to be able to use the tap water for cooking as well, there is an an osmosis system in the kitchen which additionally purifies the water. That way, you avoid plastic water bottles for preparing meals, coffee and ice cubes.

Drinking water

For drinking water, we have installed a drinking water dispenser with a 5 gallon water bottle. You can either exchange the water bottle for a new one at Walmart, HomeDeopot … (return the old one, get a new one) or – what is even cheaper – just fill it up at Publix. You can really avoid a lot of plastic here.

Another great thing: You can enjoy the water either warm, cool or at room temperature.

Grocery shopping

The friendly service at supermarkets is great: They even pack your purchases immediately in bags. On the other hand, the countless plastic bags that are (mostly) packed inefficiently are pure waste. Even if some of the bags are being recycled, a lot of them end up in the trash, in the ocean or elsewhere and pollute our environment.

We have provided your with lots of big and small fabric bags. And we would be happy if you used them for your shopping.

There are also local markets on different days and in different places. You can buy fresh fruit, vegetables and much more from regional suppliers and support the environment.

Plastic bags at the checkout terminal in the supermarket
Plastic bags at the checkout terminal in the supermarket
Farmers market with regional vendors
Farmers market with regional vendors

Additional service – (almost) completely without plastic

You want to completely avoid shower gel, soap, shampoo and detergent in plastic bottles? We are happy to provide you with the products in solid form for an additional charge.

Even your small contribution helps to preserve paradise.

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